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We Support The Lifeline

Focused construction

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Corporate Philosophy

  • Creating a Lifeline and Supporting Cultural Life
  • Be a reliable company
  • To look one step ahead, challenge, and act

Message from the President

Toshin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company that supports social infrastructure. In order to protect the infrastructure that is indispensable to life as a cultural person, we will continue to innovate and contribute to society. We will create sustainable growth and corporate value by creating maintenance management such as rehabilitation, rehabilitation, earthquake resistance, and longer life of concrete structures and pipelines. We will also actively contribute to the achievement of SDGs through our business.

Hirohisa Yamaguchi

Representative Director

Company Profile
Trade name
Toshin Industry Co., Ltd.
July 1967
Headquarters address

3-12-10 Aoi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number
FAX number
30 million yen
Representative Director
Hirohisa Yamaguchi
number of employees
37 people
Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank Ayase Branch

Mizuho Bank Senju Branch
Cooperating company
Toukyou Construction Co., Ltd. (Construction)

LL Assist Co., Ltd. (Comprehensive Consultant)
Company organization
"Construction Department", "Planning and Management Department", "Accounting Department"