We suport the lifeline
We will continue to support the world of the common place with reliable technology.

Toshin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company that supports social infrastructure.

We will make full use of state-of-the-art technology to extend the life of our infrastructure.

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About Toshin Industrial Co., Ltd.

5 Billion yen
Net Sales
Two days off a week
Previous year's paid acquisition rate
Compliance with the overtime limit regulations



Welfare benefits

Employment insurance, health and long-term care insurance, employee pension insurance, workers' compensation insurance, etc.

Non-statutory benefits

[Provided by our company]
Various allowances, group insurance, additional workers' compensation insurance, rental accommodation, Keio-related, commuting expenses, health care support such as medical examination, uniform loan, childcare and nursing care leave, Property formation support, club activity assistance, tea ceremony, resort condominiums, Tokyu Resort Trust, etc.

[External service]
・Safety Foundation WELBOX
・Healthy Family Club, etc.


Welfare benefits

Employment insuranc

This is an insurance that provides necessary benefits when an employee leaves the company.

employee pension insurance

This insurance provides benefits for old age, disability and death to support the life of employees after retirement.

health insurance

This insurance covers medical expenses when an insured employee or his / her family member gets sick or injured.

workers' compensation insurance

This insurance is provided if an employee is injured during work or commuting.

long-term care insurance

It is insurance to support treatment and nursing care costs for elderly people who need nursing care.

Employment insurance, health and long-term care insurance, employee pension insurance, workers' compensation insurance, etc.

Non-statutory benefits

Provided by our company

Various allowances

Group insurance

Additional work injury insurance

Rental housing


Commuting expenses

Health care support such as medical examination

Uniform lending

Childcare and nursing care leave

Property formation support

Club activity assistance

Tea supply

Resort apartment

Accommodations such as Tokyu Resort Trust

Non-statutory benefits

External services

Safety Foundation WELBOX

Healthy Family Club

We are ”ONE TEAM”

At university, I was in the humanities, but I was interested in the field and jumped in.There is an educational program, and construction is safe because the team helps each other.
You can go home on time without hesitation, and it is easy to get paid.You can also travel abroad on a long vacation!
It's a bit hard at first, but once you get used to it, it's not a big deal.There is also a sense of accomplishment as a professional in the big construction.

One job with everyone's power.
We practice a new construction management style where teams manage projects.
Separate the work of each job, construction management, safety management, document creation, permission related, landside PR It is managed as one project by one team without being imposed on one person.
This is Toshin style.
We will work with you to propose a new style for the future construction industry.

Hirohisa Yamaguchi

Representative Director

For those who are thinking of joining the company mid-career

There are various duties such as construction management, general construction, support work, general affairs, sales, etc.

We will take into account your motivation, hope, experience, qualifications, etc. for appropriate duties.
Even after joining the company, we will flexibly respond to your request for change depending on your circumstances.

[Common occupation]

Employment type: Full-time employee
Location of work: Head office or site office, etc. (in Tokyo's 23 wards)
Working hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (60 minutes break)
Holidays and holidays: 2 days a week, year-end and New Year holidays, paid, Keio, etc.
Salary: Based on the Company's regulations, taking into account experience, qualifications, etc.
Commuting expenses: Up to 25,000 yen per month
Bonus: Yes
Other insurance, retirement allowance system, welfare in general, qualification support system, etc. are available.

Construction management is such a job

Construction general affairs is such a job

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